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BiTeen: want to talk on the phone or not?
dead nancy:
why do you go so fast? women must hate that
BiTeen: if they do, I dont care
dead nancy:
is it really because you're a 45 year old loser?
BiTeen: nope
dead nancy:
you lose.
BiTeen: you lose!
BiTeen: so, want some dick?
dead nancy: you still there?
dead nancy: desperate?
BiTeen: yes
BiTeen: yes
dead nancy: getting soft
BiTeen: what is?
dead nancy: you, sorry ass
dead nancy: sorry son of a bitch
BiTeen: i'm sorry
BiTeen: can i be your bitch?
dead nancy: you ARE my bitch, bitch.
BiTeen: thank you!!!
dead nancy: shut up, bitch
BiTeen: sorry
dead nancy: you bet you're sorry, mother fucker. i've been waiting for your lame ass to come up with something, but nothing about you is coming up
BiTeen: can you call me please?
dead nancy: jerk off and get over it.
dead nancy: can i have your number?
BiTeen: 305-555-3163
dead nancy: beg.
BiTeen: pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaassssssseee!!!!
BiTeen: can u call now?
BiTeen: pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!
dead nancy: are you spanking yet?
BiTeen: yes
dead nancy: then you're done by now
BiTeen: no, i'm waiting for you!!
BiTeen: pleeease!
dead nancy: don't wait. i'm bored
BiTeen: please call me!
dead nancy: we're already on the phone line, fucker. why are you so special?
dead nancy: fuck you
BiTeen: pleeease!!!
dead nancy: fuck you
dead nancy: sit! stay! beg! you fucking dog!
BiTeen: i'll do anything! please call me
dead nancy: send me some money, fucker.
dead nancy: will you call me mommy?
BiTeen: i will!!
dead nancy: do you like water sports?
BiTeen: please!
dead nancy: i don't mean polo.
BiTeen: u can piss all over me if u want
dead nancy: can i bang you with frozen shit?
BiTeen: yes
dead nancy: tell me about how you'd do it
BiTeen: you'd shove it up my ass
dead nancy: you're so fucking boring
BiTeen: make me sit on it!
dead nancy: obvious, motherfucker
dead nancy: i'm so disgusted. give me something good or get the fuck out
dead nancy: i'm cutting you off
BiTeen: i'll have piece of shit coming out of my ass, and you can piss right in my mouth and make me swallow
dead nancy: you make me sick. jesus christ, you motherfucker.
dead nancy: on your knees and pray, motherfucker.
dead nancy: pray to me
dead nancy: pray to DEAD NANCY, motherfucker
BiTeen: yes god
BiTeen: anything you say god
BiTeen: can u call me please!
dead nancy: god don't use the phone, fucker.
dead nancy: are you shitting yourself right now, stanky butt?
BiTeen: yes
dead nancy: obvious and a liar. bye.
BiTeen: i've got a finger up my ass!
dead nancy: only one?