Sat, Dec 2

dead nancy





while surfing (your lame-ass term) my e-mail, i came across yours and thought it was the biggest pile of shit i ever read, fucker. enough with cheap abuse. here's the real shit: chelsea? are you a service station queen? when do you get your chest waxed, candy ass?

about your usaonline lovers: that bitch came when you blew in her ear cuz she hadn't been fucked in three years. no one wanted that fat slag. as for the taxi, who gives a shit? i saw a guy piss right onto second ave. she was faking it all 35 times.

you social-climbing butt-reaming food-eating motherfucker. and what do i need you for when i have a husband? as soon as he kicks, he's gonna love me good.

there's no i in cum.

can i still see the revealing picture?

i hope i haven't played too hard for you.

dead nancy