Wed, Dec 6


Bend over, bitch!

dead nancy




Here you go...This is about the closest you will get to my cock now...I dont know if you CAN get my cock hard...doubt it...your greasy "from-under cheese" filled sorry excuse for a dildo/vibrator stretched cunt wont do it for me. Besides I probably couldn't even see your saggy-ass twat between your fat-ass pimple ridden hair legs.

Look, as for the 35 orgasms you have no fucking idea..since the only ones you get is from your $1.99 vibrator or when you pay the delivery boy to fuck you like a dog on your kitchen floor. You have a lot of fucking nerve correct my spelling...I don't give a shit what you have to say about what I can do for women because I drive them all wild, but to correct my language use...FUCK YOU! You must be one ugly sorry excuse for a bitch! As for me being a faggot, fuck you again, why don't you test whether I am or not you dog-aroused horse-faced pig-licking cock sucker<--which you probably will never get the pleasure of, since I don't want to pick up your diseases.

As for hubbie..he has no $$ left, I keep seeing him blow it on young boys hustling the corners on 10th ave. My wife isn't physical enough for me, which means if hub is good for you, you must be supplementing your sex life with flexible latex or you're fucking your german shepard again.



--boo hoo....I hope I want playing too rough....Yeah I'll really show you rough...The chick from USAo I ramming last night called this mornign to tell me how much shit she caught at work this morning for walking funny..and being soo sore...